Houses The system of having three Houses has been designed to encourage and enhance healthy competition among students and to create a healthy growing environment. This leads each student of the House to constantly perform and strive to be better. This system inculcates leadership opportunities and loyalty to their houses in students. Every child and teacher belongs to a House. The Houses are named after precious gems. The three Houses represent the school in the following colours:



Vannila House


Pista House


Strawberry House

Together, the members of the Houses and the badge holders execute the day-to-day activities of the school. Assembly activities, festive celebrations, days of national/International importance are planned and executed in an interesting and effective manner both on the notice boards and on stage. Team building and effective leadership qualities are inculcated in the process with the encouraging guidance of the teachers.

Activities: The School aims at the all round development of every child who enters its portals. Hence many co-curricular activities are offered to students from LKG to class V. There is a wide range for them to choose from. They are karate, yoga, Dance,; Arts, Crafts,; games like Foot ball, Volley ball. Two working periods a week per class are devoted for these activities. Transport Charges for transport are in accordance to the distance. This is reviewed from time to time and charges are subject to change depending on the prevailing fuel prices. All the buses have fulfilled Government regulation standards. Trained drivers and helpers are provided for every bus for the safety of students. The transport service is safe and secure and will pick and drop students at specified stops only. The transport fee is collected for 11 months in a year and it is not refundable. Transport facility covers the following areas: Thirumangalam City , Kappalur, Maravankulam, Kamarajapuram T.Kallupatti, Peraiyur , Sengapadai and All around areas Kalligudi, Sivarakottai, Rayapalayam, Melakottai and all around areas

GPS Alert: All the buses and vans of our school are being equipped with GPS from the academic year 2017-18 to provide safety and security to students and to respond faster to emergencies. SMS facility is also made available to notify the arrival of the wards and leave from the school. Field Trips Educational Field Trips and Excursions are undertaken annually and the students are very enthusiastic about this part of their school life at Vidiyal Public School. Students of classes I- V go on trips in and around Madurai accompanied by their teachers and non-teaching staff. These trips have inculcated in the students a spirit of teamwork and self-reliance. The success of each trip has only proved that the organisational skills of the teachers and co-operation from the parents and students have been of immense intensity. The Playground is equipped with facilities for playing games and sports, such as a Throw ball, Football, Badminton. Qualified coaches who are a part of our teaching fraternity coach the students as per their interests.

Annual Health Check-up

Prevention is better than cure

Annual medical check-ups (inclusive of Vision, Dental, Obesity and physical examination) are held at the school premises. The medical check-up is followed by a descriptive report for individual students so that follow-up by the parents is an easy task. This also ensures that parents and teachers have a better understanding of the health of the child. Health cards are maintained year after year to check the progress of every child. In house first-aid training/workshops are held regularly for teachers and students so that they are better equipped to attend to emergencies. Assembly The most important part of a school’s working day is the assembly which infuses the spirit of beginning the day in prayer and togetherness, seeking the blessings of Almighty and wishing everyone the best for the day. A Prayer said together in union reaches out not only to God but to every other human being to wish and pray for the well-being of all. As a part of our daily assembly activities , we have “Light Channelling” which enables everyone to remain calm through the day, followed by Positive Thinking to spread vibrations of goodwill all over, News For the Day and Thought for the Day. Celebrations of National and International days of importance and festivals are an integral part of the morning assembly. The message is sent across in vibrant and colourful dances/songs/skits. Equal opportunity is given to all the students to showcase their talents. CCTV cameras Our campus and all the class rooms equipped with CCTV. It helps us to improve our monitoring system and strengthen our wards safety